Leading with Creativity and Innovation

Course Overview

Creativity is not the sole domain of gifted artists but, in fact, a learnable skill that delegates can apply in creating innovative products and services and to every aspect of work-life processes and communications. By using creativity to the tasks and challenges they face in their work, they will begin to experience breakthroughs they never thought possible.

They will feel confident that they are on the creative edge and can consider different sides of an issue while anticipating a broader range of possibilities.

Training Objective
By the end of this training course, the participants will be able to

Creativity and Innovation:         

Understanding how creativity and innovation drive progress, competitiveness, and success in personal, professional, and business spheres. Exploring their pivotal role in problem-solving, adaptation to change, and sustainable growth.

Curiosity as a CatalystDiscussing curiosity as a fundamental driver of creativity and innovation. Encouraging a questioning mindset to challenge assumptions, explore new perspectives, and discover opportunities.

Fostering Entrepreneurial ThinkingIntegrating entrepreneurial principles within corporate cultures to encourage risk-taking, innovation, and agility. Encouraging employees to think like entrepreneurs within a structured organizational setting.

Structured Problem-Solving: Introducing structured problem-solving methodologies like 5 Why, with tools and techniques to identify, analyze, and solve problems systematically.

Diverse Creative MethodsExploring a range of creative thinking methodologies such as brainstorming, mind mapping, and visual thinking. Building a toolbox participants can use for idea generation and problem-solving.

From Concept to ExecutionGuiding participants through the process of generating ideas, identifying gaps in markets or processes, and developing actionable plans to solve problems. Emphasizing execution strategies to implement innovative ideas effectively.

Real Case Studies & Activities.

Training Methadology

This training course will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure  maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.

This includes highly interactive, hands-on learning style of the Instructor. Many activities will be presented to cause the delegate to engage in and reflect on the information – a large percentage of the time; the course will require interaction and activities. The trainer will utilize a combination of presentations, videos, class discussion, group and self-reflective exercises in order to examine all the elements of content. Delegates can practice skills that emphasis will be on building the confidence for success.

Who Should Attend ?

This training course is a suitably wide range of professionals but will significantly benefit:
• Sales Managers
• Service Managers
• Team Leaders
• Supervisors
• Professionals
• Technical Staff
• Team Supervisors
• Department Managers
• Key Account Managers
• Account Managers
• Field Service Representatives
• Brand Managers
• Public Relation Professionals
• Frontline Customer Service Representatives (CSR)


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